Amaris Divinity Soul Garden Temple Activation
Life Light-Healing

Activation of a Divine Temple in your Soul Garden, for a fulfilled, divinely protected, successful and happy life.

A Divinity Soul Garden Divine Temple activation is a very unique and powerful session. Together and under the guidance of your Divine Guardians, we choose what temple should be activated. The temple will activate one part of your Life. For example, should you want to find the right partner, we would ask your Divine Guardian in your Soul Garden to activate the Partnership Love Temple. By doing so, a special energy will be activated in the temple, which will heal the blockages no matter what has caused them and regardless of whether they have their roots in this life or former lives. For the temple to be fully activated, we will need to wait for 21 days. Your Divine Guardians will only activate a temple that is in alignment with your highest good. The temple will even stay active in future lives, if needed, and in alignment with your future life purpose. Over a period of time, it is possible to activate more than one Soul Garden Temple, however, 3 x 21 days needs to be kept as a minimum period between the Activations.

This is a precious form of healing our life. However, we need to have reached a certain consciousness level to be able to understand and really appreciate this form of Life Healing. Therefore, I will only perform it, if I get the clear Divine Guidance and of course, your approval to perform it.

90 Min. 80 EURO plus shared transfer costs