Amaris Divinity Soul Garden Life Light-Healing

(Interactive session; not suitable for a first session)
From all the spiritual tools I learnt over the years, the Soul Garden Life Healing is my favorite and has helped so many of my clients. However, this form of Healing is not suitable for a first-time healing as I like to prepare your light body for it first, in a Divinity Angel’s Reiki Healing, before taking you to the Soul Garden.

Your Soul Garden is a Divine Mirror Image of yourself and your life. In this session, under the Divine Guidance and according to the Divine Will, the Divine Power will heal your Soul Garden. By doing so, obstacles in your life will be resolved. Soul Garden Healings are one of the most powerful Divine Tools to heal deep-rooted life blockages in a blessed and beautiful way. This Healing will have a Divine Impact on this life and future lives. Therefore, your Soul Garden will be healed under the Divine Guidance of your Divine Guardians to your highest good and the highest good of Creation.

On Zoom I will guide you into the Divine Space of your Soul Garden and hold the space energetically, so that the healing can take place. Together we will experience your Soul Garden Healing. During the session, you are in a higher state of consciousness, but we will talk with each other, and we will both see and be in your Soul Garden and you will have full memory of what happened there after the session. A truly Divine and unforgettable spiritual experience and so healing

90 Min. 80 EURO plus shared transfer costs