Past Life Regression

(interactive session; not suitable for a first session)

(interactive session; not suitable for a first session)
Regressions are a powerful spiritual tool to transform deep rooted life blockages. Under Divine Guidance, I will take you back through space and time into the past life which needs healing and transformation of karma. This will improve your present life and give you a deeper understanding of why certain things are how they are. All past life regressions are conducted in a safe spiritual space and you will have full memory of the session. I have over 28 years experience in past life regressions.

Even though I love to be a channel for regressions, as every regression is so unique and divine, I still always try to heal karma with different tools. The reason for this is that by going into a Regression we activate Past Life memories and emotions. Sometimes, this can come up so powerfully that the past life starts to overpower the present life. For example, if a client was married to his or her Twin Flame in the past life but in the present life, the client has a happy marriage, but it is a different kind of love. After remembering the past love, all of a sudden they may feel the present love seems less exciting. Now we will need new healings, to put that all in order again. Therefore, you see, I am very careful about choosing a regression as a life healing tool.

However, under certain circumstances, a regression is needed and divinely wanted. A regression can be one of the most powerful healing tools to remove deep-rooted karma and to reactivate old knowledge and understanding.

For your own sake, I reserve the right to decide to take you into a regression if this agrees with my Divine Guidance.

Past Life Regression preparation session (required in most cases)
90 Min. 95.- USD plus shared transfer costs
Past Life Regression full session
120 Min. 125.- USD plus shared transfer costs