Amaris Divinity Life Crisis Support Remote

You may feel yourself in a great crisis or it may seem to you that your life is a crisis itself. Crisis belongs to life. A life without crisis does not exist. Our soul wants to gain experience and grow with its reincarnation on Mother Earth.

However, sometimes we get lost in the crisis situation. We just cannot handle the challenge well anymore. In such a situation we need Divine Help and sometimes Divine intervention. Sometimes it may seem to you that you just cannot handle it anymore.

I offer the Divinity Life Crisis Support Remote Healings to infuse your life again with the Divine Power and the Divine Protection, so that you can come out of the crisis and will even be thankful for the teaching the crisis offered you.

To come out of a crisis, often several remote sessions are needed.

We will start the healing process by meeting up on a free Skype meeting of approx. 20 Min. and look together at what Divine Help is needed. Together we decide how many sessions most likely will be needed. For example, I could send every day, every second day, once a week a Life Crisis Support healing. The healing is done in my blessed Amaris therapy room or in Mother Nature in Turkey with the help of Angel’s Reiki and the Divine Energy you need. It will reach you wherever you are as soon as you relax and lie down. Most of the healing will arrive in your sleep. For many clients, I program the healing to arrive at 23.00 in their time zone.

During the whole healing process, we stay connected with a daily short WhatsApp update from both sides.

Per Remote Healing 20 EURO plus shared transfer costs