Amaris Divinity Avalon Chalice Well Life Light-Healing

Avalon is believed to be the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth. Avalon was an amazing Sisterhood of Priestesses located in the UK. Today Avalon is called Glastonbury and the Chalice Well still exists and flows.

However, in many beliefs, including my own, Avalon still exists and has moved itself to a higher dimension to be protected.

When you feel your Heart is heavy and you need a deep Heart Healing to remove negative Energies, then the Divinity Chalice Well Avalon – Light Healing is the right choice. Mostly souls who were priestesses or connected souls to Avalon will choose it. The Healing Power of the Chalice Well is so unique.

60 Min. 60 EURO plus shared transfer costs
45 Min. 45 EURO plus shared transfer costs