Divinity Birth Preparation Light Healing -Amaris Divinity Reiki

You are soon going to have a baby. What a Divine experience for all of you. However, be aware, as much as you have concerns about giving birth, in the same way, your baby is worried about being born. Of course, its soul wishes to be born and is happy about it. However, unconsciously your baby also knows what life challenges will have to be faced in this life. Your baby has to leave the safe space of your womb to enter a new life experience.

Therefore, being born is a more painful process for a soul than going back to the light. In ancient days, ceremonies were held for being born. In modern days this has become very difficult. Giving birth has become a medical procedure.  The Aura of a newborn baby is still open and very fragile. It needs spiritual protection during the birthing process.  New Born babies could even absorb an earthbound soul, especially when they are born in a hospital.

In a Divine Birth Preparation Soul Garden session, we can prepare the parents and the baby to make the process of being born a happy and spiritually safe one. We can already in advance, before the birthing process starts, prepare an energetically divine protected space for your baby and the parents.

First, we should meet on a free Zoom session and discuss what is needed.

In over 28 years of my spiritual professional work, I had such wonderful experiences in preparing a safe spiritual space for the sacred arrival of a soul, and such happy and grateful parents.

60 Min. 60.- Euro plus shared transfer costs
45 Min. 50.- Euro plus shared transfer costs
For our Sri Lankan clients special conditions apply.