What is Amaris Divinity Reiki?

Amaris Divinity Reiki is a very sacred form of light work. It is a further developed form of Angel’s Reiki, which was taught to me over some years by my Divine Guardians and summarized in the book “Angel’s Reiki – 7 steps to enlightenment”, published in the year 2000 in the German language and later in the English Language. Both methods go back to the Light-Healing Methods used in Atlantis.

The Amaris Divinity Reiki Light-Healer serves as a channel to highly transforming, spiritually Healing Energies of the highest purity. In Usui Reiki, we work with the universal life force energy. 

Whereas in Amaris Divinity Reiki, we work with the different frequencies of Divine Energies.  In Amaris Divinity Reiki we are able to channel the Energies of the Angelic Realms, the Avatar Divine Master Realms and the Shamanic Realms– according to the wishes and needs of our clients.  Amaris Divinity Reiki is a Divine Gift and Blessing like no other I know.

Amaris Divinity Reiki causes deep healing on all levels:

  • On the soul level, it has the power to heal karma, spells, curses, and vows that no longer serve us. By doing so, it will remove life obstacles and heal our life.
  • On the mental level, it will heal beliefs, which do not serve our highest good and clears mental confusion and helps us to be focused.
  • On the an emotional level, it will heal emotional wounds.
  • On the physical level, it will help us find and heal the cause of our physical ailments.
  • Amaris Divinity Reiki is a Life Healer and has the power to transform and shift our life most positively over time.

Amaris Divinity Reiki is not meant to replace Western Medicine or Holistic Medicine but to support the healing process of our physical body.

Amaris Divinity Reiki is a most powerful Divine Healing gift and can be learned in our Amaris Light-Healer online Training from anybody who has pure intention. The whole program takes about 18th months and is unique in its kind. You find the Amaris Divinity Reiki Light-Healer Training program on our webpage under Amaris Divinity Reiki Global Light-Healer Seminars.

Amaris Divinity Reiki reunites our body, our spirit, and our soul into One – our Holy Self. We are all one in our divine essence and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth begins in each of us. Amaris Divinity Reiki is a powerful key to it. All my Healings at Amaris are based on Amaris Divinity Reiki.