Divinity After Life Preparation Light-Healings -Amaris Divinity Reiki

For all of us, the day comes when our soul wishes to rest and go home. In fact, every year in the same way we pass our birthday we also pass our “Going Homeday”. The day we leave our body and go over to the After Life. We need this time in the In-between Realm – to heal from this life, rest, meet with all our beloved souls of many lives, and prepare again for the next life. It is a beautiful Divine process.   However, our modern society has fear of dying. Dying is out of order. Something we should not even talk about. How strange, as for sure we all will have to let go of this life. However, as death has become a taboo topic, we all carry a lot of fear in us. Not only to die ourselves but also that our beloved ones will die. I often witnessed clients, who are sent by the Divine to me with a terminal illness, and they are very much left alone. The beloved ones do not want to part, are in pain, and do not want to talk about it. The medical support system offers little to no preparation to be able to go over to the other side. If you are terminally ill or if you have a beloved one, who is terminally ill, please contact me. This work, for me, is the most important support we can offer a soul. If you wish, I will be there for you or your beloved one until the beautiful other side is reached. I shall be honoured. The local distance is no problem, as my light body can be on your side until you step into the golden tunnel.

You may also still have the hope to stay longer on this planet even though you are declared terminally ill. Our Divine Light Healings will support whatever is meant to be. They will not interfere with any medical or paramedical treatments. But the Divine Healing work will improve your physical well-being. They will support in many ways.

First, we need to meet on Zoom and discuss and connect to the Divine Realms, especially Archangel Metatron. Together we can work out a support plan and the right approach according to your needs.

One-to-one session on Zoom:
60 Min. 60.- Euro plus shared transfer costs
45 Min. 50.- Euro plus shared transfer costs
For our clients in Sri Lanka special conditions apply

Support Remote Healing:
20 Min. to 30 Min. as needed 25.- Euro plus shared transfer costs per session (several sessions may be needed to support powerfully). Mostly I will work in Mother Nature, for these forms of sessions and I will give you an update through voice messages and pictures on WhatsApp