Amaris Divinity Money Light-Healing

This very powerful Abundance Money healing focuses on opening deep rooted blockages to allow abundance in the form of physical divine money to flow into your life and help money to always stay in your life in the required amounts.

Often spiritual souls struggle with receiving money but even more often the money comes but just gets lost again. This often has to do with old vows from past lives, where we gave up the right to own property or money as we wanted to focus on our spiritual growth mostly in a monastery, where our needs were taken care of. In our modern times, money is very much needed to be able to fulfill our life purpose and to be able to focus on our spiritual work to serve humanity.

In this Divine Money Healing, I will call upon the healing power of Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel, and the Avatar Energy of Lady Lakshmi. You will feel how these two Divine Energies flow through you and start to clear your Solar Plexus, your Third Eye, and your Base Chakra from money blocking energies. It is a powerful spiritual experience and so helpful.

Solar Plexus: To attract abundance and money

Third Eye: To let go of wrong blocking beliefs that money is not good for you

Base Chakra: To manifest money in physical form into your life.

Archangel Uriel: Divine Manifestation

Archangel Gabriel: Happiness and Abundance

Lady Lakshmi: To attract Happiness and Abundance to the Earthly Realm

It is so important to heal these blocking, painful energies from this or past lives, to be able to manifest the amount of money to be free of money worries and limitations. Too much money will burden us. Too little money worries us and blocks our path. We need the right amount of money, to be able to enjoy it and to use it with gratitude.

If you feel your money flow is blocked; you feel burdened and limited, by not having enough money again and again in your life, then this healing is the right choice for you.

Often 3 Healings in 7 day intervals will offer the best results.

60 Min. 60 EURO plus shared transfer costs