Welcome to Amaris

My name is Anisis. I am the founder of Angel’s Reiki and Amaris Divinity Reiki. Amaris Divinity Reiki is born out of Angel’s Reiki and is a global Divinity Light-Healing method, where we channel the Divine higher Healing Powers of the Angelic Realms, Avatar Divine Master Realms and the Shamanic Divine Realms into our Divinity-Light Healings. This method is most powerful and is able to give fast life-shifting results in alignment with your soul plan.

Often, my clients find to me to find help in healing their lives, support in healing their physical bodies, the wish to go deeper into spirituality and to develop their spiritual skills or to join our Light-Healer training. They often start their journey with me, looking for a partner, carrier support, marriage problems, family challenges, problems with their children, longing to have a sweet baby, a broken heart, divorce, financial problems and all that our Dimension has to offer to us on challenges.

Interestingly there is always a divine plan for why a client starts to work with me. Often over time, the focus moves into finding peace, fulfilment and spirituality. Many even develop the wish to become a Light-Healer.

If you search for physical healing, please be aware, Amaris Divinity Reiki will support your healing process and will help to find the spiritual reason for your sickness and transform it in the most powerful and divinely blessed ways. However, all this will not happen overnight. Often the process has to go on over many months, sometimes even years. Amaris Divinity Reiki is not meant to replace your medical care, treatments or medical checkups. I like to work hand in hand with Western Medicine and Holistic Medicine. United we can achieve the best results for you.

Sometimes, sadly Amaris Divinity Reiki can only support someone and their beloved ones in the preparation to go to the afterlife. When the time has come, that is the only thing I can do. However, a most blessed and most needed support. One day we all have to go. We need help to arrive peacefully into this world and to depart peacefully.

My spiritual gifts were given to me by the higher Divine Power. I would like to use them for your highest good, in alignment with the Divine Plan. I believe Spiritual Light-Healing should serve to help us to become better human beings and to live a fulfilled and happy life. I believe it is a time to integrate spirituality into our lives and not to escape through spirituality from life. Our – Your Light – is needed to enlighten humanity. My work as a Healer is meant to make you shine more. Being a Light-Healer is my life purpose.

Over the years, many of my clients told me, that having met me and received Healings from me or joined our seminars have changed their lives, and that it was a privilege to meet me. For me, it is a privilege to serve the light and to support you, if this is in alignment with what your soul longs for.

I was born on 27th May 1967 in Graz, Austria, and grew up in the beautiful Swiss countryside. I had a beautiful early childhood and was able to connect and play happily with my spirit guides and other Divine Subtle Beings of Nature, in the pure Swiss surroundings of that time.

The spiritual gift of seeing auras and communicating with the Divine Beings of Light was given to me by birth. I am very thankful, as these skills have proven such a gift and support for my Divine Healing work over the years.

My path as a Healer started around 30 years ago as a Usui Reiki Healer, Master and Grand Master. Usui Reiki changed my life and made me realize how to use my spiritual skills to the benefit of my clients.

Over the years, under Divine guidance, I developed the skills to become an Amaris Divinity Reiki Light-Healer and Grand Master. I learned how to connect and channel the Divine Angelic Healing Powers, the Healing Powers of the Divine Avatar Masters, and the Divine Shamanic Healing Powers to the benefit of my clients. It is one of my great soul callings to share this precious knowledge and to train Amaris Divinity Reiki Healers on a Global basis in our online seminars.

The Angels, Arch Angels, Lord Christ, Lord Buddha, Lord Shiva, the Goddess of Avalon and Sri Sathya Sai Baba are my main Divine Guardians and my inspiration.

Gratefully I look back on nearly 30 years of experience as a Light-Healer and Seminar Leader. I share my knowledge in Seminars and I am the author of several spiritual books published in English and German.

My first spiritual centre was located in Switzerland. From there I served clients from Switzerland, Germany and Austria. I shall never forget these beautiful years and all the amazing souls which were part of it.

Under Divine Guidance I moved with my family to Sri Lanka in 2005. In Sri Lanka, I was one of the three co-founders of SIRIS. SIRIS is a very unique spiritual crystal and Healing Centre in the heart of Colombo. What beautiful souls I met in Sri Lanka.

In 2022 the Divine Guidance sent me to an amazingly beautiful place in Turkiye called Kusadasi, where I am surrounded by nature and really undisturbed to focus on online Global Lightwork and online training.

Turkiye gave me the Angelic support and peace to move my physical seminars to Amaris Global Divinity Reiki Light-Healer Online Training. I really love our Online Training and the amazing Healers developing from it.

The new home I found in spring 2023 in Malta on the beautiful island of Gozo. A heavenly beautiful Maltese Island.

I really enjoy Global Lightwork, as this form of Lightwork goes beyond borders and enables me to support my clients no matter where they are located. By doing so, I feel my Light Work has become even more powerful. I am really thankful for the technological developments which have made such Global Lightwork possible. However, I still miss having a cup of tea with you.

I have great respect for the religious and all spiritual beliefs of my clients. For me, every client is a unique beautiful Divine Being sent by a higher power to me. As we all are unique Divine Beings, our healing path is also unique.

I, as an Amaris Divinity Light-Healer, can only provide support, you will have to have the willingness to walk your path. Let’s walk together as long as my support is needed.

Loving Sai Ram to you from Anisis