Amaris Divinity Reiki Global Lihgt-Healer Training consists of 3 Healing Levels and 2 Master Levels:

  • Amaris Global Angelic Light-Healer Certificate. 62 h
  • Amaris Global Avatar Light-Healer Certificate. 62 h
  • Amaris Global Shamanic Light-Healer Certificate. 62 h
  • Amaris Global Divinity Reiki Master Seminar
  • Amaris Global Divinity Reiki Grand Master Seminar

You could complete all 3 Light- Healer Directions or just focus on one of them. Already after completing successfully one of the Light-Healer Training Programs, you will be a qualified Amaris Light-Healer and you will be able successfully to give Light-Healings to your clients and to open your physical and/or online Amaris Divinity Reiki Center.

 However, to teach Amaris Divinity Reiki, you need to successfully pass all 3 levels and complete the Amaris Global Divinity Reiki Master Seminar.

To start the Light-Healer Training program, any form of healing experience (like Angel’s Reiki, Usui Reiki, or Pranic Healing is welcome but not a must.

The seminar program takes you in a loving and spiritual way, deep into each topic in theory and praxis, and will give you a vast understanding of what it takes to be an Amaris Divinity Reiki Light-Healer.

The online platform Zoom, allows us, to have more total hours divided into short seminars than was possible before in physical Seminar sessions. Therefore, we can gain more knowledge and practice. It has also the great advantage, that souls around the globe can meet in a seminar and share their knowledge and light with each other. Of course, as I would still prefer to have you all physically present, only imagine, you would have to travel weekly to me. Impossible, for most of you. Therefore, let’s be thankful and embrace the online Zoom possibility. One day also your clients can meet you as Light-Healer from all over the Globe. That will also allow you as future Amaris Divinity Reiki Light-Healer to reach and serve so many more clients.

The seminars are structured in a way, that you can complete the whole program online or join a physical Master seminar at the end of the training. This allows you to progress, at your own convenience from home no matter where you live. The Divine mission of Amaris Global Light-Work Academy is to train amazing Light Healers. Our Mother Earth going through a dimension shift. Many ancient energy gates have opened. More and more souls are awakening and looking for ways to access their God-given Divinity again.

Amaris Divinity Reiki is a further developed form of Angel’s Reiki, which was taught to me over some years by my Divine Guardians and summarized in the book “Angel’s Reiki – 7 steps to enlightenment”, published in the year 2000 in the German language. This method goes back to the Light-Healing Methods used in Atlantis. Amaris Divinity Reiki will teach you to find access for healing purposes to any Divine Energy you wish. That makes it so unique and precious. It will open you to Divine dimensions, which you would never have thought possible. For me, having been working for over 25 years as a Healer and Seminar leader in several countries, I can assure you that Amaris Divinity Reiki is a Divine Healing Method like no other in our times.

Becoming an Amaris Light-Healer is an amazing journey, though not always an easy one. This path will help you to find yourself, heal yourself, and heal your life However, this path will need time and commitment, as we cannot become true Healers overnight. Being a Light Healer carries a great responsibility. Your clients will entrust themselves to your hands. The Divine Helpers will only support you if they feel that your intention is a pure one and that you have worked on yourself to improve yourself.

However, our planet is also in a state of confusion. We could say, our planet has arrived at a crossroads. Many souls feel sad and confused. So many are looking for spiritual help and support.  More than ever good Light Healers are needed, for a better world and to help Mother Earth to take the right turn by helping humanity to remember its God-given Divinity and Divine mission.

I will be honoured to guide you on the divine path to becoming an Amaris Divinity Reiki Light-Healer.  A path which will open the gates to the Divine Dimensions of a higher form of existence.

Loving Sai Ram from Anisis