Amaris Divinity Light Pooja Ceremony

Life is like a river.

To have a fulfilled and happy life, life needs to flow. Life needs to change. Life cannot stagnate. When there are many rocks in a river, it will slow down the flow of the water. The water needs to find its way around the stones. This takes time and energy away from the water. If water cannot flow, water gets spoilt. our life is the same. If we face too many blockages, life starts to stagnate. Life becomes really difficult and painful. We get caught in darkness.

We also have energetic rocks in our pathway. These rocks are formed over many life times, by karma, Black Magic done by others to us or the rebounding of Black Magic we did to others, spells, vows that no longer serve this life, curses, any form of blocking energies and belief patterns.

Like the water, we need to find a way to go around these blockages or we need to remove them. Sometimes a topic an area of our life is so blocked, that going around the obstacle may take lifetimes. Even if we put a lot of effort, we are not strong enough to lift the rock, as the rock is too heavy for us. Our soul does not really enjoy going around obstacles as the soul has reincarnated to remove the obstacles. We feel sad and let down as our life just becomes a daily fight without much happiness and beauty, even when we feel we deserve some good to happen to us.

The Amaris Pooja works with the power of the Arch Angels, the Divine Grace, and the power of the Moon. The Pooja Energy reaches you through the moonlight and the moon frequency no matter where you are. The Amaris Pooja is given by the Divine to transform and heal the obstacles in your soul path. This Pooja is not given to everybody. It is meant for souls who have suffered and

have served humanity over many lifetimes. Souls who do have a higher understanding and have proven worthy for the Divine Grace.

If you are a chosen one for this Pooja, then this Pooja will be one of the most powerful tools of Light Work.

Take some time. Go into yourself. You will receive the Divine Guidance if this Pooja is meant for you.

If you feel ready, I will meet you on Zoom.  In a free session I will first explain to you how I am going in daily Poojas to be a Divine Channel of Divine Grace for your personal Divine Amaris Pooja to heal your life obstacles. We will focus on one topic, but often several life topics improve through the Divine Power as all are interconnected. When we remove the obstacles, life starts to flow again and  prosper.

Topics include:

I will advise you when and for how long we should perform the Amaris Pooja for you.

Half Cycle Pooja New Moon to Full Moon or Full Moon to New Moon.165 EURO plus shared transfer costs
Full Cycle Amaris Pooja New Moon to New Moon or Full Moon to Full Moon.330 EURO plus shared transfer costs

I am only able to accept a limited number of bookings for this pooja, as it is very intense and deserves my utmost attention and dedication. Thank you for your understanding.